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Before you start any job, however prestigious or simple, your prospective employer will consider what skills and talents you can bring to the position. Whether you just need a pleasant personality to work in a shop, or you are required to have a long list of qualifications to work in the medical field, you can only be the right person for the job if you meet those requirements.

Knowing just what an employer is looking for before he hires is key in being able to get the job. You want to be just the person they’re looking for! You want your resume to stand out and your confidence and skills to make you a prime candidate. Education is a major key to having what it takes.

You can attend a four year college and get a degree that might fit the bill, or you can attend a vocational school and have a specialized degree that will ensure potential employers that you have studied and work intensely toward being the best employee you can be.

There are a huge number of vocational degrees that you can earn. Vocational schools have so many different focuses that you can choose from. Take almost any career field and you will find numerous different degrees and certifications that can be earned in the field. For example, in the field of nursing alone there are over 200 vocational degrees and certifications you can choose from!

Because vocational school is so specialized, you need to go into it knowing what you want. There is not time for goofing off for a year or two before choosing your major, like so many college students do. Decide what position you’d like to hold, one that you can be passionate about and get satisfaction from every day. Then find out what requirements there are to get such a position.

One of the great things about vocational degrees is that you can get one on top of your other education. Maybe you’ve been to college for a year or two and just now decided what you want to do for your career. You can switch to a vocational school and quickly get the degree that will help you find the job you want. Or maybe you’ve been working in one field for a short or long period of time and finally decided that this is not what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. You can head to a vocational college and get a degree quickly that will allow you to change jobs with good prospects.

Everyone should be able to have their dream job. Vocational colleges make this a possibility for many people, helping them gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their field and a vocational degree to prove it. Find out what type of degree is required for your dream job and go out and get it!


Vocational Schools News:


Vocational schools need reforming - ecns

Vocational schools need reforming
Data from 2010 show that, while restaurants hired more than 6 million chefs, only 60,000 people, or 1 percent of the size of the job market, had studied the culinary arts in the country's vocational schools. In an even more striking contrast, while .


Pattaya Mail
Chonburi officials have begun training college students to be leaders in a province-wide anti-drug campaign...

Tech-voc schools told to offer courses for employable skills
The Technical Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) urged technical and vocational (tech-voc) schools to offer courses that could help generate employable skills. TESDA provincial director for Davao City and Davao del Sur Nestor S. Tabada said that there should be schools that offer technical and vocational courses like those courses on how to respond during [EUR¦]..

Govt recognition to boost vocational school standards - The Japan News

Govt recognition to boost vocational school standards
The Japan News
By Mitsuhiko Watanabe / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer At the beginning of this fiscal year, the education ministry launched a system in which it recognizes vocational school courses that provides practical occupational education in close cooperation .


'Smart classes', 'finishing schools' in Punjab colleges
Chandigarh, Aug 13 (IANS) The Punjab government Wednesday announced that government colleges in the state will have "smart classes" and "finishing schools" to improve the quality of higher education. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal gave approval for setting up "smart classes" in all the government colleges of the state, a spokesman from the chief minister's office said here. Badal said ...

Meridian Tech chief gets a close view of China's vocational schools - Stillwater News Press

Meridian Tech chief gets a close view of China's vocational schools
Stillwater News Press
STILLWATER, Okla. EUR” Meridian Technology Center Superintendent and CEO Doug Major recently traveled to The People's Republic of China for a week as the guest of a private vocational technical school in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province in .


Autodesk gives schools $25 million in free software
Autodesk has pledged to offer secondary schools, vocational institutions and universities in Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) free access to its 3D design software and creativity apps to a value of $25 million...

Students get $27.5m pledge to advance tech skills
New Zealand students will benefit from a $27.5 million pledge to advance their skills in technology and science.New Zealand secondary schools, vocational institutions and universities will soon be granted free access to software...

Corinthian Colleges tells investors it is facing a criminal probe
After months of financial uncertainty and battles with regulators, Corinthian Colleges Inc. told investors Wednesday about the prospect of a criminal investigation by federal prosecutors...

State legislators chat with Weston residents
Taxes on local businesses, vocational schools, and bamboo were among the topics discussed at a town hall-style meeting held Wednesday, July 23, at Weston Town Hall...

Boston vocational school is running out of options - Boston Globe

Boston vocational school is running out of options
Boston Globe
In June, President Obama attended commencement at Worcester Technical High School, where he praised the successful vocational school for preparing students to compete in a global economy. At roughly the same time, an intervention team called for .


CRI Pumps adopts 9 government schools
The Coimbatore based pump manufacturer C.R.I. Pumps, has adopted nine Government schools, ranging from elementary to higher secondary schools, in Coimbatore district as part of its Corporate Socia...

Can Chinese-medium schools be EUR˜national?
Therefore, the continued existence of the Chinese- and Tamil-medium schools is often seen as a mistake of the government, a sign of its generosity or both. Ill leave it to you to find your answer. ..


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